Fusion 2020 now available to CUNY

Fusion Software

The new Fusion, JAWS, ZoomText 2020 packages are officially available for the CATS lab package! Any campus that is ready to install the new version can grab a copy linked in the AT Software Download page.

New Features

Fusion Updates

  • Reduced Double Speaking of Form Control Prompts
  • Zoom Meeting Scripts Added for an Improved Experience
  • Convenient OCR Updated to Use the Latest OmniPage
  • Toggle JAWS Sounds in Speech On Demand
  • Improved Fusion and JAWS Installation for Multi-Lingual Computers and Applications
  • Virtual Cursor Toggle Now Tab Specific in Google Chrome

ZoomText 2020

  • Faster and More Stable – ” If you use ZoomText’s AppReader with Google Chrome, you will notice that web pages open much more quickly. Also, navigation is greatly improved, with enhancements to focus, cursor, and echo functionality “
  • ZoomText Now Optimized for 64-bit Windows OS

Read more details on the new changes on the Freedom Scientific What’s New.

New Apple Patent for People with Motor Disabilities

Apple was recently granted a patent titled “interface scanning for disabled users” that will allow motor-impaired users to navigate computer interfaces and electronic devices such as MacBooks, iPads, or iPhones using assistive technology.

Ian MacKay, in a wheelchair with an iPhone camera pointed towards a waterfall. The text in the image reads" Taking a Photo with Switch Control Assistive Technology from Apple."

Apple has worked on new ways to allow a user with a disability to control an iPhone or iPad. Examples of these user inputs include a breath sensor to measure air pressure blown in to a straw to select items on a screen, an image sensor to detect movement such as blinking, an IR proximity sensor to detect objects within a certain distance from the sensor, and an audio sensor to detect a sound having a predetermined characteristic, such as volume or pitch.

Apple’s new patent will tremendously improve accessibility to their users with motor disabilities.

More about Apple’s accessibility patent