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Registration For 6th Annual CUNY Accessibility Conference

6th Annual CUNY Accessibility Conference

Student Success in the Digital Age

Friday, May 1st, 2015 at 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

John Jay College of Criminal Justice 524 W 59th St. between 10th and 11th Ave New York, NY, 10019

The CUNY Accessibility Conference Committee in conjunction with the Council on Student Disability Issues (COSDI) is pleased to invite you to the 6th Annual CUNY Accessibility Conference. The conference will bring together CUNY professionals along with others in the fields of higher education disability services to share information, network, and receive training that will enhance their knowledge and skills. This year’s conference theme will be “Student Success in the Digital Age”.

Presentation topics will range from best practices for developing accessible online courses in Blackboard to the latest mobile apps that support the academic success of student with disabilities. Our keynote speaker, Andrew Cioffi, is a leading authority on accessibility of online and hybrid learning, integration of technology into all aspects of a disability services operation, as well as training faculty, staff, and students on the usage of academic and assistive technology. His topic for this years conference will be, ACCESSing the Future: Exploring Current Trends and Future Implications for Access in eLearning and where he’ll, ” explore the crossroads between assistive and emerging technologies, current trends in educational technology, how a whole campus will be called upon to bridge a new digital divide, and the state and bright future of our field.”


Registration is required although admission to the conference is free. Click here to register. Registration is extended to  April 24, 2015.


For more information and for further updates, please visit the 6th Annual Accessibility Conference page by clicking here.

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